Studio Facilities

Tamar Valley Studios is a fully equipped multi-purpose studio space with private heated dressing room, kitchen with essentials, shower, clothing rails and large studio space with overhead continuous video lighting and atmosphere effect lighting, DMX moving heads and Haze Machine.

TVS is one of the UK's only fully dedicated wet & messy studios with anti-slip flooring plus a dedicated water tight area for liquid effects from rain to blood and gore to gunge & slime. Includes product mixing area with hot water and industrial paint mixer for large product mixing located just behind the main staging area. Easy clean up with large barrel for waste and power washer.

TVS has been used for everything from music videos to drama scenes (used as a theatrical prison), to special effects (raining blood for music video) to atmospheric car promotional film with rotating platform and for gunge gameshow website, Messyworld (Human Carwash, Gunge Tank, Travelator and Gameshows).

The dressing rooms are fully private and heated with hanging rails, beauty mirrors, hairdryers, plug sockets and phone charging ports.

Situated on the Pennygillam Industrial Estate, with direct access to the main A30 which connects Central London to Cornwall directly and easy access via M4 & M5.
Accommodation is available at nearby Trethorn Golf Club and hot food is available on the park.


Note: due to the nature of effects product mixing (using fine powders) extractor fans are in use at all times meaning a constant hum is present. There is also some noise from the industrial estate, we highly recommend evening and weekend filming if noise pollution may be an issue.