Terms & Conditions


You must accept that clothing advertised on this website has been used in a film production where the garment has likely been in contact with 'gunge' and messy products. Garments are likely to be permanently stained or marked, however, this is not a guarantee. 

Please read and study all advert listings carefully and if in doubt contact us to ask any question you have.

All items are packaged in accordance with Royal Mail / UPS guidelines. A customs label may be present when sending overseas. This will state the contents inside, such as 'Clothing', 'Hydroxyethylcellulose Powder', 'Paper Documents' etc. It will not state words such as 'gunge', 'slime' or 'messy clothing'.

Returns & Cancellations

If you change your mind, you can cancel an order for a full refund as long as the item(s) purchased have not been dispatched. If items have been dispatched you can return unwanted items for a product value refund minus shipping costs. If items arrive damaged/not as described, please contact us a soon as possible so we can rectify the issue. 

If a package does not arrive within the estimated delivery time, please contact us using the Contact Form in this website or info@bluelightmedia.org.uk with your order number (this is displayed on your confirmation of order email and in the 'My Account' section of the website).

If in the unlikely event, you are unable to reach us regarding an order, an issue with your purchase or a refund request, you can also contact CCBill or Verotel directly at the following URLs

CCBill: https://support.ccbill.com/? 

Verotel: https://www.verotel.com/en/contactus.html